John Roseberry-Shihan

John Roseberry, chief instructor, had been training in Judo and Karate since 1955. He studied Judo under Matsumoto-Sensei, and Karate under Toguchi-Sensei in Okinawa, the birthplace of Karate. He had trained at the Kodokan in Japan, and had also studied martial arts in China and Korea. Roseberry-Shihan served as an alternate to the 1964 U.S.Olympic Team, was All-Marine Corp champion seven times, All-Service champion three times,and was the only American to capture the All-Okinawan Judo Championship. He served as the Goju-Ryu style head for the United States Karate Alliance. He had been teaching martial arts since 1969.

Roseberry Shihan passed on September 22, 2018, surrouned by family. He is remembered by his family and students around the world.

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