Roseberry's Martial Arts Center Hombu Dojo: Chester, Va.

Shorei-Kan SRK Karate Dojo
A family-oriented school
Chester, Virginia
(402) 890-9988, (571) 438-2901

The Answers are on the Floor by John Roseberry Shihan: The wait is over. Shihan's book is finally available. Click on the links below to order your copy directly from Shihan. There are two versions availalbe, a B&W edition, and a color edition with larger print. Prices are $12.95 for B&W and $25.48 for the color. An additional $5.00 for shipping is also required. Links can be found on the right hand side of the page.

"If you've ordered a book through this page they will be shipped out on May 7, 2018." --John Roseberry Shihan

John Roseberry-Shihan Sho-Rei-Shobu-Kan Lineage
Head instructor John Roseberry-Shihan
10th Dan Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karatedo, 8th Dan Judo, 5th Dan Daitoryu Aikijujitsu, 3rd Dan Aikido